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Exercise and eating right is one thing, but doing it regularly is the challenge for everyone. Joining with a trainer gaurantees sucess, make a schedule and work with a trainer to keep you consistent. This is where the results are found!

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Health and Fitness

Start exercising today and feel more energetic, greater confidence, and motivated to eat well.

Outdoor Training

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Victoria Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Enjoy the privacy of Fitness Training in the comfort of your home. I can also provide indoor gym for private 1 hr Personal Training sessions. Enjoy the greatest benefits with increase strength and endurance as well as overall improvement on health.

Personal Training

Within a gym, enjoy all the greatest benefits of one on one personal training but also enjoy the environment for a 1 hr personal training sessions. A gym in Victoria will be provided as an option for training location for your convenience.

Group Training

Within a public gym I will be training a group weight training circuit for a fun filled hour. Are you interested in personal training within a group of 2-4 people? If you are, please send me an email to reserve your spot. Once we have enough people then we’ll set up a date and time.

Equipment is available with in home training sessions, gym facilities, and an additional vibe machine is available. Contact Jen at or (250) 857-5388 to choose from several different locations. Prices will vary upon frequency and location starting at $40-$65/hr or partner training as low as $20-$30/hr ea. Get a friend to join and enjoy an added 10% off.

Nutrition Planning

To complete the cycle of health, everyone will need to learn the essentials of what the body needs and what to fuel it with. Enjoy the options of a continuous 12 week nutrition couching to compliment your fitness program. I can take you through the grocery store, do a meal plan based on your weight, age, and height, and offer healthier recipes. Within the nutrition planning I can include all your favorite foods and teach you how to enjoy them within your healthy eating plan guilt free!

Sessions will include:

  • Nutrition and health assessment
  • Personal program design
  • Motivational tips
  • healthy recipes
  • rehabilitations exercises
  • cardiovascular training
  • stress, time management, and weight loss tips
  • weigh-ins, pictures, and measureements as desired
  • will work around kids

Who is Personal Training good for?

  • People looking for consistent exercise week to week
  • Improvement of health problems
  • Receive fitness results
  • Help with exercise intensity enough to perspire 1/2 hour daily
  • Looking for a balanced fitness program
  • Desiring weight loss
  • Knowledge of how heart rate affects training results
  • Motivation with staying adequately hydrated
  • Assistance with eating recommended portion sizes
  • How to incorporate 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Ideas of avoiding snacking right before bedtime

If you answered no to any of the above, contact Jen at today to start!

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